Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wyatt by Berry

I take a lot of photos in Second Life, and I have posted quite a few on flickr. But I am a huge admirer of the work of many, many other individuals far more talented than I. One of those great talents is Strawberry Singh. Here is a portrait of me that she recently completed. Thanks, Berry!


Skin: Byron - Beard :: 2nd day shadow - Aeros.
Hair: Dura-Boy*28(Black) - Dura.
Eyes: Evening Sky - Poetic.
Left Eyebrow cut: Evian Tintable - Egoisme.
Earring: Nornir Unisex Pierce 3 - Rozoregalia.
Tattoo seen (neck): Asian Dragon - Endless Pain.
Clothing seen: Pilot Cardigan [Gray] - HVK.
Model: Wyatt Wellman.
Photographer: Strawberry Singh.

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