Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Gift

Yesterday afternoon, while taking a cat nap (with my cat Starlight, who followed me home from a bar), we were both awakened by a popping sound, the kind you get when you receive something in your inventory. A gift. This one was from Sway Dench, who as many of you know is a well known designer and creator facing a health challenge. There had been a recent in-world event, Together for Sway, to help her out in this time of need. I went to the event several times, hung out, listened to music, bought some really cool stuff, met some great SL friends, and otherwise enjoyed myself. Yet here was Sway, as gracious and as wonderful as ever, thanking me and everyone else who was either a part of the event or just bought something there. Sway, it is us who thank you for the magnificent creations you have given us over the years. You are the gift.

I have on:

Hair: Dura-Boy 28 (Black) - Dura.
Skin: Ethan Tan - Belleza.
Glasses: Uail 1.00 - Kumaki Glasses Style.
Sweater: Polo Neck - Ispachi.
Scarf: Harry - Void - FATEwear.
Gloves: George - LondonAlley - FATEwear.
Pants: Jack - Lagoon - FATEwear.
Shoes: Ventura Sneaker - JP.
Carpets: Dirty Rugs - Urban Spirit.
Location: Lounging around my 512 m parcel, Mountainside, in Risoul, with my cat Starlight.

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