Saturday, January 5, 2013

Player Piano

I was seeking some peace, inner harmony and some comfy loafers. After all, the word "loafer" is a word that is reasonably applicable to me. I found a bit of peace and harmony, the nice loafers I was looking for, and was serenaded by a player piano to boot, all at Balaclava. Oh, I also recommend reading Player Piano, if you haven't already.

I have on:

Hair: Dura-Boy 28 (Black) - Dura.
Skin: Ethan Tan - Belleza.
Eyes: Evening Sky - Poetic.
Face Layer: Evian Tintable Eyebrow strips - Egoisme.
Glasses: Uail 1.00 - Kumaki Glasses Style.
Coat + Sweater: Derrick - Void - FATEwear.
Gloves: Fred - Void - FATEwear.
Pants: Willard (pants only, from suit) - FATEwear.
Shoes: Loafers - Balaclava!
Socks: Black - Heck fire, aw shucks, I made them myself. It's not hard forgoodnesssakes.
Pose, Top - Part of the Player Piano, from Lisp.
Pose, Bottom: - Fashuneestoh 5 - exposeur.
Build, Staircase: Frasha Boa - Abiss
Location: Balaclava!

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