Monday, February 1, 2010

The Plague Doctor

Sometimes we all wax nostalgic for the good old days. The good old days, rich and good—for those who qualify. But them old days weren’t always so good. Take the Great Plague for instance. Or don’t take it and jump straight to the style details if you so desire.

Back in the "old" days, a nasty old bubonic plague wiped out maybe 20 percent of the population of London, England, probably 100,000 people. And as people travelled, they took it with them. Or at least, the fleas on the rats that travelled with the people did. And how did humanity respond to the crisis? Um, not stellar. But hey, there were the Plague Doctors, who wore an early form of what you might call a hazmat suit. Well, it was the latest high tech gear of the time. It was believed that the plague was spread by “bad air,” and that by wearing a mask and long coat, the wearer could draw out the evil from the patient. Oh, that and you could also cover the victim with mercury and place them in an oven. Ouch.

So we have progressed; that's right, we've come a long way, baby. Oh but there’s still plenty of “bad air” around, isn’t there. As sane, rational people try to change the way the health care game is played in the good ol USA, there is no lack of flea carrying rats that spread infection like, um, the plague. Hey, maybe the Plague Doctor talisman I am wearing (from the Singing Moth) will ward off the haters. You think?

Style Card:

Hair n’ Hat: Deep -- espresso - Shag.
Eyes: Grey Sea - Lano Ling.
Skin: John Paine – Tone 4 – Hair – Chin Patch 1 - Signature.
Tattoo: Celtic Code - Devol at Le Look.
Tee Shirt: 40% Transparency Tank Top White - Muism.
Jacket: TLC Mid Length Black - Muism.
Taped fingers: SiniSytle.
Ring: My cross ring - marcopol Oh.
Talisman/necklace: The Plague Doctor - Singing Moth.
Pants: Mo Linen Pocket - Miel.
Socks: Lo Refurbished - Miel.
Boots: Biker Used Black (jes’ the bottoms)- Hoorenbeek.

Shape: My own.

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