Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Shirts

Heya. How's yer summer goin? I haven't been dropping by my old virtual neighborhood lately, 'cept just to check on the property. As a landowner, you owe it to yourself and your neighbors to see to it that any structures on your parcel are well maintained, and that the surrounding environs are "policed up," as we used to say in the Airborne Rangers. Besides, I do have to make sure my cat has plenty of food and is feeling well. She loves it when I visit. And I love her.

Oh. The clothes. The style stuff. The fashion. Not much to report, 'cept here are two shirts for you to check out. The first is called Naoya, from Bare Rose:

This one's called Jed (heh--yeah, that's perfect), from Artilleri:

Here's the details and where you can get 'em:

Hair: Solid Wave Black - Find Ash.
Eyes: PC eyes Night Rain - Lano Ling.
Skin: Flawless Ashan DT - Corrupted Innocence.
Tat: Trip Out - Aitui.
Sunglasses: Wayfarer - Nea Ban.
Matchstick: Clean Teeth - Black Frost. Oh, special things happen when you click on it.
Naoya Green - Bare Rose.
Jed Purple - Artilleri.
Jeans (you can't see 'em but I am wearing 'em): Classic Indigo - Zaara.

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